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"The quality of their experience is vital to develop a love for the ball and the game; as coaches that is where we come in"

The YOUTH DEVELOPMENT PHASE U11-U18 is where changes in growth are more evidently seen. From social factors such as moving to secondary school and physical growth as children hit puberty at varying ages. This can expose children to difficulties during the game where two children of the same age seem such lengths apart physically. At Kent Football United we acknowledge every players journey is different and will vary in terms of development time. During the YOUTH DEVELOPMENT PHASE we look to enhance on the ball mastery and confidence gained in the FOUNDATION PHASE and introduce our players to more complex tactical components as they hit the transition to 9v9 and 11v11 football. Developing and understanding the individual is vitally important in aiding them to reach their potential. Our structure is built around skilled practises which are then rehearsed through small sided games and patterns of play. Allowing the young players to make decisions. We observe, stop, review and restart. Implementing ideas for the players to carry forward into their play. 

U11-U18: About
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