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"Pre Foundation Phase training in Reception and Year 1"

The Kent Football United Soccer Saturday Club has been the catalyst for a number of youth teams which have developed over the past 5 years. 75% of the players who enter our Foundation Phase teams U6-U10 have passed through this section. The Soccer Saturday Club aims to develop the fundamental skills of football into young players which include:

  • Mobility - changes of direction, acceleration and speed

  • Ball Mastery - control, touch, dribbling, turning and manipulation of the football 

  • Passing - both feet

  • Dribbling - both feet, at various tempos, 1v1, 2v2

  • Tackling

  • Crossing

  • Shooting

  • Goalkeeping - which feeds into our Goalkeeper School at U6/U7

If you have a child who is interested in getting into football whether that be socially or with the intention  of entering our Foundation Phase U6-U10 please get in touch by emailing 

Soccer Saturday Club: About
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